Ontario re-opening plan

Like many, the past 17 months have been incredibly difficult on our entire organization. We’ve had to say goodbye to some amazing people and players when the 2020/21 season was cancelled and have worked hard to not only keep the organization afloat but also to rebuild our team in preparation for the 2021/22 season. I’m happy to report that we have managed to accomplish both of these tasks.

The PJHL season is slated to start on October 1st and we are scheduled to have our home opener a day later against the Tavistock Braves. Additionally, our training camp kicks over this week with 6 exhibition games scheduled (3 at home)

Our General Manager Matt Fidlin has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure we have a competitive team when we next hit the ice. Over the coming days we we will begin announcing our 2021/22 roster.

With the good news, also comes the bad and it pains me to report that we still have a lot of work to do in order to hit the ice for October 1st. This is where we need your help!

At this point in time there are still far to many local restrictions in place for us to be able to operate… and we are not the only ones. The Province’s Stage 3 re-opening plan states that indoor recreation can take place with 50% fan occupancy to no more than 1,000 but many (not all) cities/health units are not following this criteria. It is our hope that they will do so.

Many junior teams in our neighbouring communities have been able to start and have ben granted permission to start with 50% fan occupancy and realistic covid-19 protocols relating to dressing rooms, etc.

I love being a part of not just the Navy Vets organization but also the City of Woodstock, Ontario. I’ve lived here my entire life and it’s been a great privilege to help bring junior hockey to our community on a weekly basis over the past 9 years. Now I just want to bring it back. To me, these are not just hockey games, they’re a chance to take part in something bigger than ourselves. To be a true part of a community. To be accepted through the highs and lows. From our players to our staff and volunteers, we can’t wait #LaceUPOntario

Lastly, I want to thank the City of Woodstock for their help in getting us back on the ice


Devon Young
Woodstock Navy Vets Junior ‘C’ Hockey Club
(519) 532-2210