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New Ticketing procedure via eventbrite

As you may have already seen, the board of directors have decided to move to online ticketing beginning with the 2021/22 pre-season.

There are many benefits to online ticketing especially given the current climate as it relates to Covid-19 procedures. It’s probably to nobody’s surprise that our volunteers will need to do a lot more at the gate than we have ever done in the past with contact tracing and now passport checks. We see this as an obstacle that needs to be solved in order to get fans into the arena in a safe and smooth manner. We believe that the pre-purchasing of tickets using a product like eventbrite will do just that because it removes multiple steps from our game night process. In particular, it removes the sale of tickets/exchange of funds and the need to manually take down contact information for contact tracing purposes. These two steps, in our opinion, would have created large lines and timely delays.

On a trial basis, we are working with eventbrite to begin the season as a trial project. We will be doing our best to evaluate the system so that we can make a long term decision as we move through the pre-season. Below is a link to eventbrite’s support page.

There will be more information to follow relating to our entry procedures but it is important that all fans familiarize themselves with the eventbrite system.

We would like to thank all of our fans for their patience with this process. We know that change is never easy but in this case it’s very necessary and will be for the best in the end.

Visit our Website for a link to tickets:

Link to eventbrite support:


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